6 Annual Events in Plano, TX

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annual events in Plano

There are many interesting and unique annual events in Plano throughout every year, and experiencing them will be a blast. From January to December, expect their calendars to have one specially prepared slot for something worth visiting. If you are a stranger to Plano City then this simple guide will help you plan your vacation. Experience the annual events in Plano, TX now!

The following are six of the best annual events around Plano that are certainly worth your time.

6 Annual Events in Plano

Texas Music Revolution

This is one of the longest-running music festivals in Texas. Be immersed in the country and folk music the county has to offer at this event. This Texas Music Revolution is organized by KHYI-FM (95.3). Its purpose is to showcase a barrage of performances from promising talents in Texas for a 2-day concert.

The usual location is in Oak Point Park in Plano, TX but it changes every now and then. Nevertheless, if you are in the Plano area, a few-hour drive will be nothing if you get to listen to amazing music. Truly, one of the best annual events in Plano, TX.

When: Around March or June

Plano Artfest

The following annual event in Plano, TX is the Plano artfest. As the name clearly suggests, it is a moment for artists and artisans to share their artforms for the people to experience.

This event aims to increase awareness of the arts of local artists. It is also about building connections with the community. And, it sets the stage to give way to performances from art groups. Surely an event you should never miss out on if artistry is your passion.

When: Around April


Cultural inclusivity of the Asian and American-Asian people from Plano, TX is important especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic. AsiaFest will culminate in the presentation of various art forms of the culture, fashion, martial arts. A perfect event for the family especially if you want to experience the beautiful Asian culture. Their food is superb as well, to say the least.

This annual event in Plano, TX is an all around educational platform for the kids to learn about Asians and their heritage.

When: Around May

Night Out on 15th

The perfect getaway for groups of friends who wish to experience good food while being surrounded by Plano’s amazing artistry and rich history. The name Night on the 15th takes after this event which is celebrated on the 15 street of Plano’s art district.

Find yourselves seated on a long table, served with food from the finest chefs of the district along with complimentary wines, beers, and cocktails to make the night even better. This annual event in Plano, TX also features quality music and delish cocktails that you cannot miss out on.

When: Around June

Plano Balloon Festival

If you want to see the sky covered in beautiful colors, this show is perfect for you!

Plano Balloon Festival is one of the most awaited events in the year where brightly colored hot air balloons, fireworks, and skydivers all come together to put on a great sky view show. Kids will also enjoy taking part in the games surrounding this annual event in Plano, TX.

When: Around September 

Plano International Festival

This is perhaps the biggest annual event in Plano, TX. Biggest not in terms of quantity of attendees, but on the impact, it makes on the people that are a part of it.

Plano International Festival banks on the many, over 100, cultures existing within the Plano area in one culminating activity to get to know more about these individual cultures from a bunch of different countries.

Witness a parade of different beautifully colored flags, an art exhibit for everyone to see, music and dance performances from local art groups in the locality, and many more perks.

Cultural inclusivity is an important aspect within any organization and Plano, Texas takes a good look into everyone to make sure that they feel a part of a bigger family. 

When: Around October

Plano, Texas is full of amazing events going on throughout the year. You will never miss out on any event if you visit there in any month. Plano is an amazing place that features artistry and cultural inclusivity in its annual events, which is noteworthy. The place is also full of wonderful history you should also take time to know.